My first passion for jewelry creation began when I was 6 years old.
I have been impressed with the collection of Japanese Netsuke in my uncle’s house.
At home I created my first amulet from white plastic fork’s handle
I was born and grew up in Moscow on the street Kuznetski Most.
In my childhood the country was known as USSR.
In the 70 years, a lot of things has been happen in the world of art in my city

Length 45 cm

So … Moscow

has had a strong influence on me.
At the age of 30 I moved to Israel to Galilee. Israel is completely different world.
It is a world

with amazing energy and the world of mixtured cultures.
The fortune gave me opportunity to decorate two of sinagoges.
I create my jewelry under the impression of ancient jewelry.
Women of the East and West from ancient times used to decorate themselves with jewelry from stones and ceramic.
In necklaces that I create, I’m trying to share with you my vision of color in jewelry.
Each necklace by color, by the size of beads is created as a mosaic and every time this is a completely new design. Every necklace is very individual.
The beads are made of porcelain or hight temperature ceramic (stoneware ceramic).
To achieve the desired result, sometimes beads undergo multiple firings.
My jewelry, as it seems to me, can suit to business costume and a white blouse and a small black dress, to a simple T-shirt, cotton, linen and jeans.

“The Eye Has to Travel”: said Diana Vreeland.
Dear women, I would like that we always attracted admiring glance.
And remember ” The life is a theater”